One of my (many) favorite lines from the movie Office Space is…

“It looks like somebody has a case of the Mondays”

But what are Mondays… other than the first day of the week?

For me, Mondays are a day to reflect on what I did last week.  But not just what I did, what were my numbers & statistics… (in this context, I’m talking about SALES)

My numbers were horrible!

But horrible compared to what?

Compared to the week before.

Compared to my arbitrary weekly goal I have set.


They were not horrible compared to this week last year.

Year over year, the week before Easter is a slower than normal week for sales in my business.

So I know it’s not anything I did (or didn’t do).

It is simply a seasonal trend.  One that is to be expected year after year.

So I can look at my numbers, see that I’m right on point, and move on with my tasks for the day.

Do you track your numbers?  Why or why not?