Bullets, Bullets… and more Bullets!

A podcast I listen to in the Direct Marketing space (Off the Chain with Doberman Dan) got me hooked on this thing called Bullet Coffee.

It’s coffee, with FAT.  Either heavy cream or butter, and coconut oil.

Why is it called bullet coffee? I don’t remember off the top of my head…

I just know it’s delicious and helps super-charge the caffeine for improved performance.

And last week, a friend of mine suggested I look into Bullet Journaling. (http://bulletjournal.com/)

I’m on day 8 of bullet journaling, and I must say, this is a very flexible and genius system for tracking, logging, and identifying tasks to be more productive.

I’ll probably talk more about my experience with this in a future email.

And finally, in sales & marketing, there is whats called Magic Bullets.

  • Bullets are a way to structure information in an easy to use manner
  • Bullets are Feature – Benefit
  • Magic Bullets use “So that” to clearly define the benefit to the customer

When I see businesses promoting their services (especially in the wedding industry) the normal go-to method of describing services is to use bullets.

For DJs:

  • 5 hours of music
  • JBL sound system
  • LED Dance Lights
  • Wireless microphone

For PhotoBooths:

  • 3 hours of use
  • Unlimited prints
  • Props
  • Attendant

For Photographers:

  • All day coverage
  • 2 photographers
  • Digital delivery of photos
  • Photo Album Memory Book

But these are just plain old bullets, and while they do an OK job of selling your services… they aren’t great.

Lets make them MAGICAL by adding some “So that”s

For DJs:

  • 5 hours of music – so that you have music for Dinner AND Dancing
  • JBL sound system – so that everyone can hear crisp clean audio
  • LED Dance Lights – to make the dance floor fun and inviting
  • Wireless microphone – so that everyone can hear the speeches and toasts

For PhotoBooths:

  • 3 hours of use – so that everyone has a chance to use the photo booth
  • Unlimited prints – so that everyone that wants a copy can get a copy of the photo
  • Props – so that your guests can let loose and have fun
  • Attendant – so that everyone knows what to do, and keep things running smoothly

For Photographers:

  • All day coverage – so that your entire day is captured
  • 2 photographers – to capture multiple angles and make sure nothing is missed
  • Digital delivery of photos – so that you have instant access to view and share your photos
  • Photo Album Memory Book – so you have a treasured keepsake to be a centerpiece on your coffee table

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to turn regular bullets into magic bullets.  And magic bullets will give you an edge over your competition who doesn’t subscribe to my list and are still in the stone age of using regular bullets.