Originally posted: “You can use the built in sound system if you want!” Here are the top 3 reasons that we won’t. from Minnesota’s Best DJs or continue reading below.

Every so often, we receive an email from our future clients graciously offering us to use their venue’s sound system. Not that we don’t appreciate the offer, but there are a few specific reasons that we and any other professional DJ should stick to using their own equipment over the house PA system. Here they are:

  1. Reliability.

    The #1 top reason that we will be using our own equipment is reliability.
    We test all of our own equipment before our events so that we know EXACTLY how it is going to function.

    If there is any troubleshooting that needs to be done, we know exactly which wires to check and carry our own back up cables and speakers just in case anything goes south.

  2. Liability.

    Imagine this: it is finally your wedding day.
    The day you have been dreaming of for years where you finally get to tie the knot with your best friend.
    One of you waits at the end of the aisle, the ceremony music begins, and everyone stands to as your partner enters the room.
    Overjoyed at the sight, you shed a single tear while the love of your life makes their way toward you.

    Half way down the aisle, you exchange soft smiles and BAM!!
    The audio cuts out in a staticky disarray and we the DJs have no idea how to troubleshoot the system because we don’t know it intimately.
    Now what was supposed to be one of the best days of your life will always be remembered by you and every guest in attendance by that cacophony of noise. 

    The real question though: Who’s fault is it?
    Is it the humble DJ who was hired to do the job or the venue who’s system was not thoroughly gone over because it was fine last week for a lecture on proper financial management of a business?
    This is a situation that we will always strive to avoid altogether by bringing our own professional equipment. Trust us, you’ll be grateful we did.

  3. Quality.

    Have you ever been to one of those lectures at a hotel’s conference center and thought that the speaker sounded like they were talking through a phone from the 1920s?
    This is because the microphones and speakers in conference centers are specifically designed and balanced to produce as little feedback as possible.

    While this is extremely beneficial to a lecture where there aren’t going to be any loud accidental screeches coming from the speakers, these same speakers are not meant for the party you want your wedding reception to be.

    On the other hand, our professional sound equipment has the perfect dynamic range to turn your run of the mill hotel conference center into a space where you can enjoy your first dance to Elvis’ Can’t Help Falling in Love to Lizzo’s Truth Hurts while still sounding crisp and clear!

Long story short, everyone is going to be much happier with us bringing our equipment to ensure that the BEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE goes smoothly and without a hitch 🙂