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This year has been challenging for everyone, including the brides who have to plan their weddings. Imagine having to work with reduced maximum capacities, guests who have to wear masks, and the pressures of a socially-distant wedding.

You’re in luck if you’re one of those hands-on brides thinking of awesome activities that you and your guests will enjoy. You’ll learn about a fun game called the wedding shoe game.

The game is easy to set up and a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. Read on to learn about how to set it up, how to play it, and eighty fun wedding shoe game questions you can use on the big day

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Unique Shoe Game Questions To Ask At Your Wedding Pro Sound


Have you heard of the wedding shoe game? If you haven’t yet—it’s a fun reception game that tests how well the bride and groom know each other through a variety of questions without seeing each other’s answers.

It’s a great first game to play after the meals and the toasts or as a program insert for some downtime. Check with your event coordinator or DJ to see when it’s best to play the game.

How to Play

The wedding shoe game is easy to set up and play. You’ll only need a little space that everyone can see. Have your bridal party clear the area and set the game up when it’s time to play.

Step 1: Set Up

You’ll need two back-to-back chairs in the designated area for this game.

You and the groom should sit on the chairs and shouldn’t be able to see each other.

You should then take off your shoes and swap one for one of the groom’s shoes.

You should be holding one of your shoes in one hand and one of your partner’s shoes in the other before the game starts. Similarly, he should also have one of his and one of your shoes.

Step 2: The Host

Choose a fun host for this game: one of your life-of-the-party friends or relatives who can command a crowd would be the best option.

The host will ask the bride and groom a series of questions.

Often times your host will be your DJ or Master of Ceremonies. 

Note: All Pro Sound & Light Show DJs are trained to host this game.

Step 3: The Questions

The questions are a crucial part of the game. They should be interesting enough to gain reactions.

The host will ask about 20–30 questions about the couple. 

The question could be as trivial as, “Who wakes up earlier?” or as naughty as “Who likes role-playing more?”

You can start with easy questions and add more personal, funny, or naughty ones, depending on your preferences.

Step 4: Raise The Shoes

You and the groom should use your shoes instead of shouting the answers to the questions.

Raise your shoe if you think the question describes you more, and raise your partner’s shoe if the question fits him better. He should do the same.

Check how willing your husband is to play it before adding this to your program.

Discuss the type of questions you’re both ready to answer in front of your family and friends, who’ll most likely be filming the whole time.

Ensure the host makes short pauses between the questions to give you and your guests time to react (or object!) to the answers.

Open Mic

The game only needs those four steps, but if you and your husband are a daring couple, go ahead and allow some time for an open mic for five questions from your guests.

Your family and friends will have a hoot.

Fun Shoe Game Questions To Ask At Your Wedding Pro Sound

80 Wedding Shoe Game Questions

Need help with the wedding shoe game questions? We’ve got you. Here are some suggestions arranged by category. Choose 20–30 questions, and you’re good to go.

Family-Friendly Questions

  1. Who wakes up earlier?
  2. Who’s always on the phone?
  3. Who usually cooks breakfast?
  4. Who’s the better dresser?
  5. Who has more friends in the office?
  6. Who spends more time on Facebook?
  7. Who spends more time on Instagram?
  8. Who spends more time on Netflix?
  9. Who usually does the dishes?
  10. Who’s more likely to reply first?
  11. Who never picks up the phone?
  12. Who always knows where everything is?
  13. Who’s the better driver?
  14. Who’s the funny one?
  15. Who sleeps first?
  16. Who’s always late?
  17. Who takes longer to dress up?
  18. Who always has the latest gadgets?
  19. Who likes watching the news?
  20. Who likes having breakfast in bed?

Personal Questions

  1. Who do the dogs like more?
  2. Who can hold alcohol better?
  3. Who’s the better dancer?
  4. Who always loses things?
  5. Who’s the boss in the relationship?
  6. Who would survive longer in a jungle?
  7. Who’s afraid of the dark?
  8. Who starts an argument?
  9. Who has more pairs of shoes?
  10. Who’s the bigger spender?
  11. Who has a better sense of direction?
  12. Who’s the life of the party?
  13. Who’s more religious?
  14. Who would win in a race?
  15. Who would win in Scrabble?
  16. Who takes up more space in bed?
  17. Who wants more kids?
  18. Who says ‘I love you’ more often?
  19. Who never forgets anniversary dates?
  20. Who has a cuter smile?

Funny Questions

  1. Who snores the loudest?
  2. Who has the smelliest feet?
  3. Who has the crazier family?
  4. Who would win in a hotdog eating contest?
  5. Who farts more?
  6. Who gets crazier when drunk?
  7. Who watches more rom coms?
  8. Who throws tantrums when jealous?
  9. Who’s most likely to accidentally kill someone?
  10. Who’s the better pretend listener?
  11. Who can’t keep a secret?
  12. Who’s the more attractive one?
  13. Who watches more reality TV?
  14. Who skips bathing more often?
  15. Who is always right?
  16. Who is always hungry?
  17. Who can drink more?
  18. Who has hairier legs?
  19. Who is afraid of birds?
  20. Who always forgets special dates?

Naughty Questions

  1. Who always asks for it?
  2. Who’s the better sexter?
  3. Who’s the better kisser?
  4. Who’s always up for an afternoon delight?
  5. Who’s more adventurous?
  6. Who likes role-playing?
  7. Who likes sending nudes?
  8. Who likes it in the shower?
  9. Who has a bigger butt?
  10. Who likes it in the car?
  11. Who likes using toys?
  12. Who’s the bigger flirt?
  13. Who slept over first?
  14. Who’s a cuddler?
  15. Who likes skinny dipping?
  16. Who likes keeping the lights on?
  17. Who likes doing it facing each other?
  18. Who makes more noise?
  19. Who is more creative?
  20. Who is more likely to try a threesome?

Let these wedding shoe game questions guide you on this activity, but don’t let it drag on for too long. You and your guests should have a blast at your wedding!