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Consider Contactless Photo Booths For Your Next Event

With the changes in the world, and concerns over social distancing, COVID-19, and sanitization, there is a growing demand for contactless photo booth rentals as events start back up.

Traditionally, guests would need to press a button or tap the touch screen monitor on the photobooth to start taking the picture.

Well thanks to the ingenuity of photo booth software companies, you can now activate a photo booth without having to touch it.

You can take your picture, GIF, or video, and still share it via email or text.

Why Go Contactless For Your Photo Booth?

How do you run a contactless photo booth?

Running a touch-free or contactless photo booth experience is easy and straightforward.

You need to have some form of way to initiate the photo session, and most implementations use the camera and a QR code.

Your guests can scan a QR code or visit a special website on their own phone, and then enter their information, which produces a unique QR code for the guest.

Then the guest holds their phone up to the photo booth camera, which reads the QR code and starts the session.

Once the pictures are taken, they are sent automatically to the guest using the information they provided.

The requirements to run a touch-free photo booth experience are easy to achieve.

If you already have a photo booth, with DSLR camera, tablet computer, shell, then you’re almost ready.

The key is to have the right photo booth software with the abilities to run contactless and touch-free.

List of photo booth software that supports contactless / touch-free operation.

Snappic Logo


Snappic is a popular iPad photo booth app, and they fully support contactless activation through the use of QR codes and the guests phones.

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Breeze Systems

Breeze Systems

Breeze Booth, also known as DSLR Remote Pro, is highly configurable software for Windows + DSLR photo booths.

Breeze also has an iPad photo booth app.

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LA Photo Party

Photo Booth Upload

Photo Booth Upload (PBU) by LA Photo Party is a powerful software package for Windows + DSLR Cameras.  You can create contactless sharing with PBU.

Setup Instructions

Simple Booth

Simple Booth

Simple Booth is a straightforward iPad photo booth app that now features contactless control through voice & QR codes.

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Best Photo Booth Kiosk For Touch-Free Operation

If you are looking to buy a photo booth for your photography, event rental, or mobile DJ business, then picking a kiosk that works well for contactless operation is important.

The Booth Masters Pic Station Mini is a highly portable photo booth that works well with all of the featured software applications listed above.

We strongly recommend using Snappic with our iPad version of the Pic Station Mini, and Photo Booth Upload for use with the DSLR + Surface Pro version.

We designed the Pic Station Mini to be affordable, portable, easy to use and assemble, and it can readily be left unattended at an event so that guests can use it on their own.

Unattended Photo Booth

With restrictions on the number of people allowed to be at events, you can offer your clients peace of mind that they can still have a contactless photo booth experience without having to give up one of their guest list due to staff working the event.

The Pic Station Mini can be set up and left to run unattended.

The bright ring light provides excellent lighting to make sure the pictures come out great.

You can choose to wrap the photo booth with vinyl to display instructions on how to use the touch-free features, or you can display a banner or sign next to it.

Pic Station Mini

Add the Pic Station Mini to your photo booth or event rental business, and buy the most popular portable photo booth kiosk.
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